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RFID Replaceable Battery Tag

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PortionPro Rx tag, for use with the PortionPro Rx Feeder. All PortionPro Rx feeders come with one tag stock. Each pet in the home should wear a tag to control access to the food, if there are more pets in the home than feeders you will need to purchase additional tags to make up the difference. All tags communicate with any feeder through a unique RFID system. They are by default unapproved, and you can make them approved through simple programming. When approved tags approach the feeder the food bowl door will open and allow access to the meal; when unapproved tags approach the door closes to prevent food stealing in multi-pet households.
Simply attach a collar with provided Zip ties for snug fit. Designs with a new silicone O-ring seal and enclosing seal for improved water-resistance. D-ring attachment capabilities.

Please check out our newly designed White Tag here.

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