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At PawsPik, pets come first! Discover stories of how our pet products were able to help these pet parents and contributed to their pets healthy lifestyle!

“I’ve used other automatic feeders before, but I had to modify them to work with my multiple pets, one cat could still steal from the other, and the feeder was a real eyesore. With the PortionProRx, I have a convenient way to feed both of my cats and know they are getting the right amount of food. Plus it looks nice in our home.”

“I have a fat cat that always stole all of the food and a more timid old cat that I never knew how much she was eating. The fat cat has already lost two pounds! The PortionProRx is magic to me!”

“One of my cats is on a weight-loss diet but barely lost any weight because of constantly stealing the other cat’s food.“With the PortionProRx, I have seen a noticeable difference in her appearance because now she’s only eating the weight-loss food.”

“Before I felt guilty leaving the house. Now I have peace of mind that I don’t need to rush home, because my cats are being fed the exact amount they need and Bear isn’t stealing Maggie’s food.”

- Steve G.
- Jennifer Y.
- Kristin A.
- Meg M.
  • Kevin N.

    Kevin N.

    We love our GroomingPro Rx Pet Vacuum. So did our cat and dog. It's super quiet on low and it didn't scare the pets. The cat didn't want us to stop brushing her. Great product! I highly recommend this product to anyone with pets that shed!

  • Lauren B.

    Lauren B.

    The quality of the product is outstanding. I particularly appreciate the design aspect where all the buttons are conveniently located on the handle, making it much easier to adjust the suction level and gradually acclimate my cats to it. While one of my cats is still wary of the vacuum’s noise, the other two adapted quickly and seem to really enjoy the brush attachment.

  • Kelly N.

    Kelly N.

    Super easy to use and set up right from the box. My dog, despite having such short thin hair, sheds all over. Typically I dread brushing him out due to the hair everywhere but this kit kept everything clean and no stray hairs. the machine isn’t bulking and has a very long cord that retracts so I didn’t have to worry about storage. Overall I’m super happy with the product.

  • Adam K.

    Adam K.

    Great pet grooming kit! Has everything that i could need and my long haired dog had no problem adjusting to the noise because it is so quiet!


Hear from the Experts

“Here is a single tool to solve feeding appropriate nutrition in appropriate portions to the appropriate pet.”

“If you have a pet that needs to be fed in a specific manner, this is the solution. This is THE solution.”

“I’m still looking for objections that we CAN’T overcome with this product, and that’s why I’m so excited.”

“Even in my single-pet household, the PortionProRx brings less stress because I know that my cat is not being overfed or raiding the food bag.”

- Ernie Ward DVM, CVFT
- Kara M. Burns MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition)
- Janelle M