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What is RPET Fabric and Why is it so Significant?

What is RPET Fabric and Why is it so Significant?

What is RPET? 

RPET Fabric- also known as recycled polyethylene terephthalate is a fabric derived from PET plastic. RPET is the more eco-friendly variant of PET plastics, seeing as it's the recycled version, RPET reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 79%! In its original form, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is one of the most popular plastics in the US, due to its easily recyclable, durable, and versatile design. This type of plastic is most commonly used for packaging in the food and beverage industry. As a result of its readily recyclable nature, the plastic can be repurposed for a variety of materials including clothing, bags, film, and carpet. For the purposes of our product, we wanted to create a dog toy that possessed both a stylish design and remained environmentally friendly. 

How is the Fabric Made?

Step 1: Collecting PET Materials. First, we collect discarded water bottles, containers, and packaging materials containing PET plastics. 

Step 2: Crushing and Melting: Next, we take the collected PET plastics and crush them down into small pieces where they are then taken and melted into small flakes and pellets. 

Step 3: Filtration: We then take the small flakes and pellets and filter them for impurities and imperfections to ensure that your pets' toys are being crafted with the highest quality care. 

Step 4: Spinning: Once the pellets have been filtered, we take them and spin them into threads that can be used to assemble together the frisbee! 

Step 5: Weaving and Processing: Finally, the fabric is woven and processed to create the lovable PawsPik Toys! 

How does RPET Help the Environment? 

Being crafted with RPET fabric is something that cuts our frisbee a thread above the rest. Compared to virgin PET, RPET is a much more sustainable option since it leaves a much smaller carbon footprint and can be up to 100% recyclable. As a result, both energy and water consumption to produce products made with RPET significantly decreases. With the plastic’s ability to be recycled repeatedly, this ensures that the plastics are being repurposed in an effective manner, rather than ending up in a landfill or contributing to the pollution in our environment. 


What Makes our Disc Unique? 

Aside from the environmental benefits that this 2-in-1 tug toy provides, the PawsPik 2-in-1 Frisbee offers a number of versatile features. With dual function use as both a tug-of-war toy and a frisbee, to its strong durability and lightweight design this dog disc offers versatility at an affordable price.