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PawsPik® GroomingPro Rx Professional Pet Grooming Kit and Vacuum Cleaner

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The GroomingPro Rx Pet grooming Vacuum Cleaner was co-developed with professional U.S. groomers for a high-quality user experience.

This grooming kit for dogs & cats is equipped with 7 proven grooming tools: 

  • Curry Comb
  • Deshedding Tool
  • Dematting Tool
  • Grooming Brush
  • Grooming Clipper
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Cleaning Nozzle

The Groomingpro Rx Pet Grooming Kit can solve all your at-home grooming needs!

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  • Input Voltage: 120V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Wattage: 350W
  • Device Dimensions: 240x250x320 mm (9.45x9.84x12.60 in)
  • Net Weight: 3.7 kg (8 lbs)


  • Vacuum
  • Clipper
  • Clipping combs (6)
  • Deshedding tool
  • Grooming brush
  • Dematting tool
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cleaning nozzle
  • Curry comb


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We offer a 30-day return after date of purchase!

We also proudly offer a one-year limited warranty on our product, covering any defects in materials or workmanship from the date of purchase. Should you discover any defects within this period, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. For more details, please contact our support team.

Your Personal Groomer in Hand

Made for Pets of All Sizes

Co-Developed with Professional Groomers

dog getting a haircut from a professional groomer

Controller Enabled Convenience

a person holding the grooming pro rx clipper

Suctions 99% of Hair

These easy to clean pet vacuum brushes and tools allow you to easily release trapped hair while the controller is in suction mode, making your grooming session virtually hairless. 

showcasing the simplicity of suctioning the hair from a pet grooming brush

Accessories that Fulfill Your Grooming Needs

Designed to have all the dog and cat grooming supplies your pet could need during their grooming session, suitable for all hair types!

  • dog getting brushed with a curry comb

    Curry Comb

    Designed to massage the pets’ skin while removing loose hair for shorter haired pets and giving your pet a shiner coat.

  • removing loose hairs from cat using the deshedding tool

    Deshedding Tool

    Removes loose hair for shorter haired pets.

  • removing matted hair using the pet dematting tool

    Dematting Tool

    Removes knots and tangles in pets’ fur coats.

  • brushing cats hair using the pet grooming brush

    Grooming Brush

    Removes loose hair and debris on long haired pets while creating a fuller look.

  • pet getting hair clipped using the pet clipper

    Clipping Tool

    An electrical device that can cut your pets’ fur while simultaneously vacuuming the hair into the 2.2 L dust bin allowing for a mess-free haircut.

  • cleaning up loose fur using the pet cleaning nozzle

    Cleaning Nozzle

    An attachment that can be used to vacuum hard-to-reach spaces and residual debris in the surrounding area.

Quiet and Comfort

Designed to create a soothing experience for your pet, PawsPik's GroomingPro Rx operates with minimal noise. 

  • cat being groomed with the groominpro rx and enjoying it
  • dog being groomed with the groomingpro rx pet vacuum

2.2L Capacity Bin

three well groomed and happy dogs

IPX4 Water Resistant

Designed with pets in mind, the GroomingPro Rx is splash-resistant. Perfect for those post-bath shakes!

dog in a tub shaking off excess water before grooming session

HEPA Filter

Equipped with the HEPA filter to trap particles while vacuuming that would otherwise end up in your home.

two cats relaxing and falling asleep

GroomingPro RX VS Groomers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best vacuum for pet hair?

The GroomingPro Rx was made in collaboration with seasoned US grooming professionals to give you all the tools needed to complete your pet groom at home. 

Do pet grooming vacuums make noise?

The GroomingPro Rx was designed with six different suction settings to control the volume of the vacuum to give your pet the most comfort possible while grooming and staying tidy. 

Why should you buy a pet grooming vacuum kit? 

A pet grooming vacuum kit allows for you to give your pet more comfort at home and create a less stressful experience. While keeping your space clean with the suction and vacuum attachment. 

What is a dog vacuum and grooming kit?

Dog vacuum and grooming kit is an all-in-one grooming station to take care of all your pets grooming needs. You are able to brush, de-mat, trim your pets coat, while keeping your area clean with the vacuum attachment. 

Can I use a pet grooming kit on larger dogs?

Yes! The GroomingPro Rx can be used on all sizes and breeds to maintain their coats whether they have short or long hair, while having a 2.2 L capacity bin.