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Trouble Shooting

The PortionPro Rx automatic feeder monitors your pet's behavior as well as the system as a whole and notifies you if something is wrong in the form of Alerts. Let's find the alert code you are currently encountering and help you solve it!

To help you keep your PortionPro Rx running smoothly, when there is an issue an alert code will display on your LCD screen. The Feeder will beep 3 times and continue to beep every 3 minutes to alert you until the alert is addressed. You can stop the beeping by pressing (-) at any time.
See the underside of your PortionPro Rx food bin lid for the quick reference Troubleshooting Guide.
Below you will find more information about each alert code and the solution steps that should resolve the cause.
If you need further assistance after trying the solution steps listed, contact us.

Factory Reset:

Solution: To perform a factory reset simply unplug the feeder and then replug it while holding the minus button down. The LCD screen should light up with "AM/PM 12:00". Then simply set the feeder up and program the appropriate tag.

The portionpro rx screen will indicate alert if something is not working properly and will display and alert number that will tell you the issue

Silent Mode:

Solution: Follow the steps below to make the beeping stop.

1. Unplug the feeder and then replug while holding in the check button.

2. The feeder will show 'run' and you just need to scroll to 'Aud' meaning audio.

3. Hit the check button and then the LCD will show 'loud'.

4. Press the plus button so that the screen shows 'SiL' and then hit the check button and the feeder will no longer beep when an alert code appears (you will still have the buttons flashing but no noise)

Err 01: Food bin empty.

Solution: Refill food bin.

1. Remove food bin lid using finger grips.

2. Refill food bin with one kind of dry kibble to about 1 inch from top.

3. Replace lid by inserting the lid tab into the slot on the left side of the food bin and pressing down on the right side of the lid until you hear it snap securely into place.

4. Press ☑️ to resume normal operation of the PortionPro Rx.

Note: If Alert 1 appears but the food bin is full, the food may not be flowing out of the bin. Shake the PortionPro Rx to release the kibble and then press ☑️ .

If this happens frequently, try a different type of kibble.

Err 02: Power lost. Food not delivered during outage.

This alert code indicates that electrical power was lost and your pet has missed at least one meal. If no meal is missed, the alert will not sound. If the power returns within an hour of a missed meal, that meal will be fed and no alert will sound. Your settings will not be lost during a power outage, so there is no need to reprogram your PortionPro Rx.

Solution: Feed pet if needed.

1. Check the PortionPro Rx food bowl. If needed, hold ➕ and ☑️ at the same time for 2 seconds to manually dispense a meal to feed your pet.

2. Press ☑️ to resume normal operation of the PortionPro Rx.

  • Err 01

  • ERR 02

Err 03: Tag-feeder connection lost.

The PortionPro Rx has not sensed your assigned pet's tag coming within feeder range in more than 16 hours. The tag battery may be depleted, the tag may be lost, or your pet may not be feeling well and therefore not eating.

Note: If the PortionPro Rx is running in OPEN mode, then you need to have at least one unassigned tag paired with this feeder and no assigned tags. In OPEN mode, unless an assigned tag is worn all the time, alert code 3 will appear every 16 hours that the tag is not sensed by the feeder.

Solution: Check tag. See possible causes and solutions below. Alert Code 3 may appear for several reasons:

If running in OPEN mode with no unassigned tag:

Follow steps on p. 13 to pair at least one unassigned tag with this PortionPro Rx.

This will disable alert code 3 in OPEN mode. If tag has stopped working:

If tag has stopped working:

Follow solution steps for Alert Code 8: TAG BATTERY LOW.

Press ☑️ to resume normal operation of your PortionPro Rx.

If tag is lost:

If you find the lost tag, reattach the tag ring to the D-ring on your assigned pet's collar. When the tag is reattached, press ☑️ to resume normal operation of your PortionPro Rx.

If you can’t find the tag, visit our store to order a replacement. Feed your pet manually until the new tag arrives.

When the new tag arrives, fi rst perform a tag deletion as outlined in the Solution Steps for Alert Code 8 (Tag Battery Low) or follow the instructions on page 13. This will allow you to select settings on your PortionPro Rx and pair the new tag.

Your pet has not accessed the PortionPro Rx for more than 16 hours.

Check your assigned pet for any health issues that may be causing a loss in appetite and contact your veterinarian if necessary. You may want to put your PortionPro Rx in STOP mode temporarily and feed your pet manually until any health issues are resolved. To put your feeder in STOP mode, follow the instructions on page 14.

Because the feeder has not sensed the assigned tag for more than 16 hours, your pet may have missed meals. Check the food bowl and remove excess food if needed.

Press ☑️  to resume normal operation of your PortionPro Rx.

Err 04: Food bowl is too full.

This code indicates that your pet has accessed the PortionPro Rx, yet has not eaten the majority of its food. This has caused the food bowl to overflow and food to back up in the food gate area.

Solution: Clear excess food.

1. Clear excess food from food gate area and top of bowl (if needed, manually open the bowl door to access/clear food).

2. If your pet does not have any health issues, it is likely the total cups of food per day is set too high. Adjust the total daily quantity as needed. To change settings on your PortionPro Rx to decrease the total cups of food dispensed per day, follow the instructions on page 13 (see Change Settings).

3. If your pet shows signs of appetite loss or other health issues, you may want to contact your veterinarian. You also may choose to put your PortionPro Rx in STOP mode temporarily and feed your pet manually until the health issue is resolved. To put your feeder in STOP mode, follow the instructions on page 14.

  • ERR 03

  • ERR 04

Err 05: Bowl door jam.

Solution: Clear obstruction and/or clean bowl door tracks.

1. If the bowl door is obstructed, remove the blockage and press  to resume normal operation of your PortionPro Rx. If the bowl door is still blocked, the alert will resume.

2. If the bowl door is NOT obstructed and the bowl door did not close on the first attempt, the PortionPro Rx will automatically reattempt to close 5 minutes later. If the bowl door closes successfully, the alert code will clear.

3. If food residue on the bowl door tracks is preventing the bowl door from closing, use a damp, soft cloth or sponge to clean the bowl door tracks on both sides of the bowl. Use a flat tool or knife under and around the rubber seals to scrape off any stubborn debris. When all residue is removed, press  to resume normal operation of your PortionPro Rx.

Err 06: Food jam in food belt system.

Solution: Clear food jam.

1. Press and hold  and  at the same time for 2 seconds to open the bowl door. This will give you access to the food gate.

2. Use your fi ngers to clear any food stuck in front of, under, or above the food gate in the food dispensing area.

3. Press  to resume normal operation of your PortionPro Rx. After you press  , Alert Code 6 should clear from the LCD screen and your PortionPro Rx will finish dispensing your pet’s meal into the food bowl.

4. If the steps above fail to clear the jam, the  and  buttons will continue blinking and the alert code will not clear. If this happens, remove the food bin lid, dump any kibble out of the food bin and remove the food bin.

5. Next, remove the food belt cartridge and clear any food stuck in the food belt assembly, food gate or food dispensing area. Replace the food belt cartridge, food bin, and food bin lid.

6.The food jam should be resolved and the alert code should clear. Refill the food bin with food. Pressto resume normal operation of your PortionPro Rx. You may need to manually dispense a meal for your pet.

  • Err 05

  • ERR 06

Err 08: Food belt system missing or not installed properly.

Solution: Make sure food belt system is in place and installed properly.

1. Remove the food bin lid and the food bin. (Empty the food bin first.)

2. If the food belt system is not installed, insert it into the feeder base now and snap it into place using the instructions on page 4. If the food belt system is installed, check to make sure all parts of the system are attached and that the fully assembled system is snapped into place in the feeder base.

3. When the food belt system is securely locked into position within the opening in the feeder base, replace the food bin and food bin lid, refilling the food bin if necessary.

Err 08: Tag battery low.

Alert Code 8 will appear when the battery in either an assigned or unassigned tag declines to 10% power remaining. When your PortionPro Rx displays this code, it is time to order a replacement tag if you do not have one on hand. The tag will have approximately 15-30 days of battery power remaining.

Solution: Replace tag as soon as possible.

1. The alert tone will sound when either an assigned or unassigned pet with a low tag battery is within 3 feet of the feeder. Press  to clear the alert code. Your PortionPro Rx will continue to operate normally; however, the alert will sound each time the pet with the low battery tag approaches and clear when the pet leaves. This will indicate which tag should be replaced.

2. Order a new collar tag at our website or contact us as soon as possible. Note: If you’re replacing an unassigned tag, proceed to Steps 3 - 4. If you’re replacing an assigned tag, proceed to Steps 5 - 9.

3. If you’re replacing a tag for an unassigned pet, discard the old tag when the new tag arrives. Follow lithium manganese dioxide coin cell battery recycling and disposal regulations for your state or municipality.

4. Attach the new tag by slipping the tag ring onto the D-ring on your unassigned pet'ss collar. You are finished! Resume normal use of your PortionPro Rx.

5. If you’re replacing a tag for an assigned pet, you will need to perform a tag deletion to clear the old tag from the feeder memory and pair the new tag (see steps below).

  • Err 07

  • ERR 08

Err 09: The PortionPro Rx is running in CLOSED mode with no assigned tag programmed.

This alert will appear if the PortionPro Rx is either set to run in CLOSED mode or switched from running in OPEN mode to CLOSED mode with no approved tag programmed/assigned for use with this feeder.

Solution: Pair at least one tag as assigned for use with this PortionPro Rx. Follow steps on page 13.

Err 10: Needs to clean the food belt & feeder

This comes about typically when the food belt motor senses that it is needing to use more force to turn than is normal. Could be kibbles/kibble dust building up around the food belt.

Solution: What you'll need to do is empty out the feeder and take the bin and belt off. Make sure it is cleaned out (there is a diagram in our User's Manual Follow steps on page 24 that demonstrates sliding the belt open to better clean it, How to Remove the Food Belt and How to Clean the Feeder). After you have cleaned it you'll just need to run a calibration

Err 31: Feeder calibration

This alert comes on most often when new and is typically caused by a feeder reset during the time from manufacturing to when it arrives to your door but can arise in use or as part of correcting feeder issue.

Solution: Make sure there is no kibble anywhere in the feeder. Unplug the feeder. Replug the feeder while holding down the ☑️ button. 'Run' should be displayed on the screen. Use the plus or minus buttons to scroll through the options until you see 'CAL'. Press the check button and Err 31 should begin flashing on the screen. Press the check button again and calibration will start. This involves the feeder running the belt and then door several times. The LCD will display diagnostic numbers (these are not relevant to us for this). When complete the feeder should show the normal operating screen and be ready to go, just reload the food.

Note: Calibration is critical to accurate food delivery and therefore the feeder automatically calibrates itself when the food bin is empty during meal delivery, so if you see the feeder calibrate itself when trying to deliver a meal when the food bin is empty, this is normal. Once the calibration is complete fill the food bin. DO NOT RUN calibration with food in the bin.

Replacing the Tag(s)

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