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Tips to Teach a Dog to Catch a Frisbee

Tips to Teach a Dog to Catch a Frisbee

One of the most popular outdoor activities to keep your dog active and engaged is with the PawsPik Frisbee. A durable and eco-friendly option for those that may be looking for a fun pastime with their pooch. One of the biggest questions that many dog owners may be asking themselves is: How do I teach my dog to catch a frisbee? 

Depending on the type of dog that you have, training them to catch a frisbee may be a task easier said than done. Dogs such as poodles, German shepherds and labs are amongst the easiest breeds to train. While other types of dogs such as beagles and huskies are notorious for their stubborn and independent nature. However, no matter what breed of dog you own, teaching your dog to catch a frisbee is a simple and fun process that can be completed in just four simple steps. 

Step 1: Identify Their Motivation

Before you begin to train your dog you first need to identify what their main source of motivation is. Are they food or toy driven? This is a key point to understand since depending on your dog’s source of motivation will affect which teaching style you end up using. For dogs that are food motivated, using treats and snacks that they like will be the most effective for reinforcing the right behaviors. For those that are toy motivated bringing along their favorite plaything may help to ease them into using a frisbee. 

Step 2: Warm your Pup Up 

Make sure that your dog is familiar with the frisbee and its function. This can be done by rolling it on the ground for short distances or letting them play with it as a tug toy. Rolling the disc on the ground allows your pet to get familiar with the build of the disc and begin to transition them from fetching a ball to a frisbee.The PawsPik Frisbee is perfect for this step as it functions as both a tug-of-war rope and a dog frisbee! Meaning that you can practice this step both indoors and outdoors. Once they’ve gotten used to seeing a frisbee and understand its shape, you can let them practice catching the frisbee out of your hand. Letting them jump up to catch it while you hold it above their head is fantastic practice for when the time comes for them to actually catch it out of the air. 

Step 3: Practice 

Once your dog has gotten used to holding a frisbee in their mouth, you can begin to practice throwing it to them at short distances. Start slow, only passing to them at close range so that they don’t injure themselves. This is the step that will take the most practice as you cannot move onto longer distance throws until they’ve mastered this step. It's important during this step to reinforce that the disc should not touch the ground, this habit can be solidified utilizing the information from step 1. Remember to be patient when training your dog to catch a frisbee as it will take time for your dog to learn how to track, chase, and catch the disc out of the air. 

Step 4: Enjoy Playing with Them

Once your dog has mastered the third step, they will be ready to start catching the frisbee at longer distances; success! You can enjoy taking them out to parks, beaches, or playgrounds where you can show off your pup’s awesome frisbee catching skills!

The PawsPik Frisbee is the perfect toy to practice this fun pastime activity. With its strong double stitched RPET Oxford fabric and its cute eco-friendly design, using this frisbee will help you kill two birds with one stone as it functions as both a tug toy and a frisbee. Ensuring that your pet will have endless entertainment all day long.