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A Tick-ing Time Bomb

A Tick-ing Time Bomb

The Tick Epidemic 

With summer just around the corner, lots of families are looking forward to enjoying time outside with their furry friends. However, the change in season also brings about a major issue for many pets: ticks. This past winter was a record breaker as it was the warmest winter in over a century. In the past, temperatures ranging from 14 to -2 is where many ticks eventually die off. While many believe that the majority of the tick population dies during the winter, this unfortunately is not the case. Typically, since temperatures are too cold for ticks to survive naturally on their own, they are either forced to become dormant or latch onto hosts that provide them with the necessary nutrients to survive. Each year with potentially hundreds of billions of ticks roaming around the outdoors puts your pets at risk for contracting the parasitic insect. For owners with dogs and outdoor cats specifically, tick season can be especially challenging.

Dangers that Ticks Pose 

As you take care of your pet, it's important to understand the severe danger that ticks can pose for them if they pick one up. Ticks can cause a number of reactions and issues for animals, the main two being disease transmission and extreme skin irritation. Diseases such as Lyme disease which induce fevers, rashes, and headaches; alongside other potentially harmful illnesses such as babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and rocky mountain spotted fever pose significant dangers for your pet's health. In addition, ticks can cause allergic reactions, inflammation, and anemia from their bites which can be incredibly painful for your pets to endure. Since ticks most commonly hide in tall grasses and along the edges of trails and pathways it can be difficult to spot them before they’ve latched on. 

Preventative Measures

One of the most common preventative measures taken by pet owners in order to avoid ticks is to groom and bathe your pet more frequently during the summer months. After they’ve been outside, taking a few minutes out of your day to brush your pet's fur or to wipe down their coat ensures that you are checking all areas that ticks cling onto. Dog breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds are the most susceptible to picking up ticks as their fur is much longer and darker compared to that of other dog breeds. The GroomingPro Rx is a professional pet grooming kit and vacuum cleaner able to clean even the toughest of mats or tangles. During the summer months in particular, as dogs like to spend more time playing outside, with this recent influx of tick's pet owners need to be especially cognizant of the potential dangers that ticks can pose to their furry loved ones. The GroomingPro Rx offers a variety of tools to ensure that your pet has all the necessary tools at their disposal. This pet kit is both a pet grooming kit and pet grooming vacuum all in one! With attachments for deshedding, dematting, grooming, and cleaning the GroomingPro Rx assures that your pet won’t be suffering from ticks this season.


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